Who is Sagen MI Canada™?

Sagen MI Canada Inc. is a publicly traded company, which through its subsidiary, SagenTM  (the operating name of Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Company of Canada) provides default mortgage insurance to Canadian residential mortgage lenders. Mortgage insurance enables low down payment borrowers to own a home more affordably and stay in their homes during difficult financial times. SagenTM combines technological and service excellence with risk management expertise to deliver innovation to the mortgage marketplace.
Find out more under “About Us”.

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What insurance products do you offer?

We offer a single product, residential mortgage insurance, to mortgage originators and lenders.

To find out more about our specific mortgage insurance products click here.

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What is the CUSIP for Sagen MI Canada Inc. common shares?

The Company CUSIP 37252B102 and its ISIN is CA37252B1022.

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Who is Sagen MI Canada Inc.’s transfer agent?

AST Trust Company (Canada)
1 Toronto Street
Suite 1200
Toronto, ON
M5C 2V6
416-682-3860 in Canada
1-800-387-0825 (outside Canada and the United States) or (within Canada and the United States); via facsimile at 1-888-249-6189; via e-mail at inquiries@astfinancial.com;

All inquiries related to address changes, elimination of multiple mailings, transfer of MIC shares, dividends or other shareholder account issues should be forwarded to the offices of Canadian Stock Transfer Company.

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Does Sagen MI Canada Inc. pay a dividend?

Yes, we do. All information regarding our dividends, including record and payment dates, may be found under Dividend History.

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Do you have a dividend reinvestment plan, or DRIP?

No, we currently do not administer a DRIP plan. It’s possible that shareholders may have a separate arrangement through their respective broker.

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Are the dividends paid by Sagen MI Canada Inc. considered eligible dividends for Canadian tax purposes?

Yes, all dividends paid to Canadian residents or deemed for Canadian federal, provincial or territorial income tax purposes are designated “eligible dividends”, unless otherwise indicated.

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What is your relationship to Brookfield?

Our majority shareholder Brookfield Business Partners LP together with its institutional partners hold roughly 57% of the issued and outstanding common shares of the Company.

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